| AI for Designers | AI for Designers simplifies your creative journey, offering AI-driven tools for crafting logos, videos, banners, and more with remarkable speed and precision. Priced at just $29 per month, this suite grants you unlimited access to a treasure trove of 115 million images and video clips directly within the tools.

Key Features:

AI Writer: Empower your content creation with AI, making it a breeze for bloggers and writers.

GraphicMaker: Craft professional visuals, ideal for designers and creatives who want to make an impact.

Free SVG Vectors: A playground for DIY design enthusiasts, equipped with an in-browser editor for convenience.

Color Matcher: Unlock the potential for color matching, palette generation, and design perfection – a must-have for design professionals.

Text-to-Video Technology: Transform articles, posts, and text scripts into fully edited, powerful videos in over 20 languages, perfect for AI text-to-video needs and video content creators.

Use Cases:

Content Creators: Achieve captivating visuals, logos, and videos with the agility of AI, ensuring attention-grabbing content for bloggers and marketers.

Small Businesses: Attain professional designs without complexity, making it a budget-friendly choice for design and ad agencies.

DIY Enthusiasts: Dive into creative projects quickly, using an in-browser editor and free SVG vectors – the ideal playground for designers and creatives.

Marketing Professionals: Elevate your campaigns with visually striking banners and graphics, crafted swiftly to serve design and ad agencies.

Design Enthusiasts: Leverage AI for precise color matching, palette generation, and design enhancements, catering to the needs of designers.


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